‘Women in the Know’ forum discusses global women’s issues

By: Jackie Pilossoph | Contributor
March 17, 2014 12:00 p.m.

Amie Marks believes that when women get together to exchanges ideas, it not only empowers them, but it solves problems. That was Marks’s thought process when she created “Women in the Know,” a series of discussions that covers global women’s issues.

“When you gather women together and you give them something to solve, they listen to each other, they learn from each other and they come up with good solutions,” said Marks, a Lake Forest wife and mother, as well as a registered principal and advisor for Raymond James. “Women want to know what’s going on in the world. They want to understand some of the things in a macro way that affect their lives and they often get involved because that’s how women are.”

“Women in the Know” participants gathered at the Caffe DeLuca in Forest Park on Feb. 19 for part two of three discussions for the “Women in the Know” winter series, which focused on the most critical issues women face around the world including oppression, slavery, women in the sex trade and gender inequality in places such as Africa, India and the Philippines.

“These are things that affect all of us in some way,” said Marks. “Women have a unique ability to process information in a way that allows them to speak in solutions and to cross lines, whether those are political or socioeconomic.”

The meeting included guest speaker, Chris Moses, co-founder and vice-president of It Can be Done, a Lake Bluff based non-profit that creates awareness and solutions for clean water, health, education and economic opportunities in Tanzania.

“We have built a sustainable clean water system alleviating the hardships of the women carrying buckets of water for 3-4 hours a day,” said Moses. “By doing that they have more time to create economic solutions for themselves.”

Marks started Women in the Know last spring for her female clients to gather and talk about world issues, and to give them a voice. She said after the first meeting, they started asking her if they could bring their friends, so she opened it up to the public.

Marks explained that Women in the Know is not a lecture series or seminar, but a forum and a place for women to share, not just listen.

“In March we will come back to the U.S. and to some of the same problems we’re discussing today, how they exist here, and how we can eradicate them,” Marks said. “When you empower women, you have a better pathway to solving major issues.”

The third meetings of the “Women in the Know” winter series will take place 11:30 a.m-1:30 p.m. March 19 at Caffe DeLuca, 7427 Madison St., Forest Park, and on March 20 at the lake Forest Club, 554 N. Westmoreland Road, Lake Forest. An evening session will be 5-7 p.m. Thursday, March 20 at a Chicago location. For information, contact Melissa Araujo at Melissa.dennis-araujo@raymondjames.com or (708) 524-9374. A new series begins in the spring.


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